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CET Olimpia (Complete Club Review)

My love for the game does not end on the tennis court. I love visiting tennis clubs around Barcelona and blogging about my experience. This way, I can help you hopefully, my fellow Tennis Friend, to choose a place where you can grab your racket.

My last tournament match led me to Calle del Perú, home of the CET Olimpia tennis club, where I spent a couple of hours so that I could prepare a detailed club review for you.

CET Olimpia is in the middle of the city. Still, surrounded by big trees

Are you ready for a detailed club evaluation? Let's go for it!

A compact mid-sized club for tennis & padel-lovers

Since the club is located practically in the center of Barcelona where property prices are extremely high, it's not a surprise the club's territory is limited. CET Olimpia is in-between huge building blocks and it serves as a cool island for racket sport-lovers.

Whoever designed this territoty, they did an excellent job utilising every available squaremeters. The club is home to 7 tennis (4 clay, 3 green-set) and 3 padel courts. All having lighting system established so that you can play even until 23:00 on weekdays.

Padel on your left, clay courts on your right and hard courts at the end of the pathway

How lucky you are if you live in one of those surrounding flats. You can enjoy a mojito on your balcony while watching your boyfriend/girlfriend/children playing...

Speaking about children: the club offers training both for children and adults at different levels. Also, they run leagues and competitions for members. Unfortunately, at the time of my visit (May 2022) it was not possible to become a member. It might be interesting to check this with the club via their phone number: +34 932 662 395.

In any case, you can still book a court not being a member. Outside of your tennis game, I assure you will be in good hands: the club has nice, modern changing rooms and a small gym with cardio equipment.

The changing rooms are in really good shape

Tennis facilities at CET Olimpia

​Number and surface of tennis courts

​​4 clay & 3 hard (green-set) outdoor courts

​Number of padel courts

​3 outdoor courts

Court lighting at night

Yes, at all courts

Training possibility


Changing rooms

​Yes, clean & modern with many showers

Tennis shop

​No, but it's possible to buy balls & grip at the reception as well as string your racket


Yes, a small room with cardio machines




​A compact, medium-sized club in the middle of the city operated by the city hall

Monthly membership

​It was not possible to sign-up at the time of my visit (May 2022)*

Booking courts as a non-member

Yes, via their website or app

Clay: 22 EUR/h*, Green-set: 16 EUR/h*

Max. 48 hours in advance

Opening hours

​Monday - Friday 08:00 - 23:00

Saturday 08:00 - 21:00

Sunday, holidays 09:00 - 21:00/19:00

*Prices and info might not be up to date. Please contact the Club at +34 932 662 395 for the most recent prices

Fancy a drink after your game?

Even though I visited CET Olimpia in May, the temperature was over 30 Celsius. That's not rare in Barcelona. Luckily, the club has a nice terrace which is covered so it gives shadow. I could enjoy a glass of Bitter Rosso while analyzing what went well what did not go that well during my match. (I managed to win, however I still missed quite a lot.)

The café and restaurant are particularly great: the staff is kind and you have a nice daily menu during weekdays (it was 12 EUR when I visited).

Unfortunately, there's no swimming pool or private parking in CET Olimpia but hey, we're in the center of Barcelona! On a little island for tennis-lovers in-between large building blocks.

Finalizing my club review during an early lunch in the club's restaurant

Recreational facilities at CET Olimpia

Private parking

No. You can park on the street which is quite busy and not free (green color)

Swimming pool





Yes, covered. It provides a pleasant shadow during the summer


​Yes with an amazing daily menu


Yes, at the reception

Wheelchair access



Yes, clean



Dogs allowed


Even though it's not the biggest club in town and it doesn't have a swimming pool, I strongly recommend to book a court and spend a few hours in the club. You will not be disappointed!

Where is CET Olimpia?

The Club is in Sant Martí district (Barcelona). The Club’s address is Calle del Perú, 215, 08020 Barcelona. You can easily get there by car or public transport.

By car

The club has no private parking spots on-site, however you can park your car/motor bike on Calle del Perú. The parking spots are marked with green color.

By metro

In case you want to avoid traffic jams in the rush hours (8:00 - 9:30 and 17:30 - 19:00) you can arrive by metro

  • L2 (Line no. 2): stopping at Sant Martí. You will have a 10 mins walk from the station.

By bus

There are plenty of bus lines operating around the tennis club, click here to plan your route.

CET Olimpia: an island in the jungle of buildings

Contact of CET Olimpia

Feel free to call the club for more info at +34 932 662 395 or book a court via their website or app

Have you ever visited CET Olimpia? How was your experience? Leave a comment!



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