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CMT Vall d'Hebron Tennis Club (Complete Club Review)

I’m sure you’ve heard about the prestigious Municipal Tennis Centre (CMT) Vall d'Hebron. Vall d'Hebron is not only one of the official clubs of the Catalan Tennis Federation but was also home to the 1992 Olympics Games tennis. (I dedicated a complete article on the 92’ Tennis Olympics.)

The famous center court: pure history

I’ve been visiting tennis clubs for the last 20 years and played a tournament match in Barcelona’s CMT Vall d'Hebron Tennis Club, so was glad to evaluate it in detail.

Let’s dive right into it in this Complete Club Review!

Where (tennis) history and professionalism meet

When I realized that my next 2 PlayTennis competition matches will take place at the Vall d'Hebron Tennis Club, I got pretty excited. I woke up before 7 AM and arrived at the Club a few minutes before the opening hour so I had the chance to appreciate the venue and all its history.

Vall d'Hebron has the foundations needed for a great tennis club: 21 tennis, 9 padel, 7 beach tennis courts, a clubhouse, a vibrant bar, and an atmosphere where you can sense the importance of traditions.

Vall d'Hebron: the place to be for racket sport-lovers

When I walked through the installations of the Club (including the courts) I had a strange feeling about the state of the venue: Vall d'Hebron could be in a better shape. Important to mention, there are no red flags. However, I had a sensation that if they made some renovations, it would be just the perfect place to play tennis in Barcelona.

Still, Vall d’Hebron is one of the key spots for professional and amateur tennis in Catalonia, located outside of the historical center but still in the city of Barcelona.

Where is UTE CMT Vall d'Hebron Tennis Club?

Vall d'Hebron Tennis Club is located in Barcelona’s Passeig de la Vall d'Hebron, 178, 08035. You can easily access to Club by both car and public transport.

By car

The good news is that there are plenty of free parking spots outside of the Club. Even on a Sunday morning, the parking lot was not full. Also, there are parking spaces inside the Club, however, I think they are not open for the general public.

By public transport

The most practical way to arrive to the Vall d'Hebron Tennis Club is by metro. The Club is just a 3-minute walk from the Montbau, Metro Line L3, stop. Alternatively, there are bus lines operating around the area: you can pick and organize your route here.

Great possibilities for racket sport-lovers

I managed to win my first PlayTennis tournament match 9/5 and had an hour until my next one, so I took my time to visit the Club in and out.

The green-set (hard) courts are also great and cheaper to book

As you walk through the Tennis Club's complex, you start to appreciate the wide variety of options a racket sport-lover has. At Vall d'Hebron you can play tennis both on clay and hard (green-set) courts. Also, if you fancy a padel match, the Club is a great choice. However, what makes the club really outstanding is its 7 beach tennis courts. Who wouldn't want to enjoy the Spanish summer while hitting some balls in the sand?

Even though it seems the Club hasn't been renovated for a long time, it has a really professional atmosphere. Whether you're an amateur or a pro, the Club has everything so that you canperfect your tennis. I particularly like the advertisement board next to the reception where players can find partners. All Clubs should have one of those walls!

New to the Club? No worries! Here, you will surely find a partner!

All the courts are equipped with lighting for night-play and the Club offers training possibilities for all ages. The monthly membership fee is a little bit below the average in Barcelona and it includes free parking in the Club's premises.

Tennis facilities at Vall d'Hebron Tennis Club

​Number and surface of tennis courts

​14 clay, 7 hard (green-set), 7 beach tennis courts (all are outdoor)

​Number of padel courts

9 outdoor padel courts

Court lighting at night

Yes, available for all types of courts

Training possibility

Yes, both for adults and children

Changing rooms

Yes, big and clean

Tennis shop

​No, but tennis balls and stringing service are available at the reception




​Yes, multiple ones all year long


Professional. A little bit old-fashioned with no recent renovation

Monthly membership

Adult: 67 EUR* (90 EUR for registration which is often for free as a deal)

Booking courts as a non-member

Yes, via phone at +34 934 276 500, starting from 26 EUR/hour for clay and 19 EUR/hour for hard courts (50% discount may apply on weekends)

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 23:00

Saturday, Sunday, holidays 08:00 - 20:00

*Prices might not be up to date. Please contact the Club at +34 934 276 500 for the most recent prices

Dogs are welcome in the Club & the bar has great sandwiches

After checking the Club members' advertisements, I went to visit the reception. I was so happy to learn there that our Four Feet Friends are allowed in Vall d' Hebron.

The Club has a quite big swimming pool in the garden which is an excellent excuse if you want to spend a hot day without a t-shirt.

All the installations are easily accesible by wheelchair, including the bar and restaurant. Those two have a wide variety of food and drink for a fair price. The terrace of the restaurant is not super-big but perfect for enjoying some sun while catching up with other members. Oh, and did I mention that their ham&cheese sandwich is incredible?

It's always great to have conversations with fellow tennis friends

Recreational facilities at Vall d'Hebron Tennis Club

Private parking

Yes, free for members

Swimming pool

​Yes, outdoor




Yes, medium-size


Yes (with daily menu)



Wheelchair access



Multiple, clean



Dogs allowed


After finishing my sandwich and café cortado, I went to play my 2nd PlayTennis competition match. It was a relatively quick 9/2 win for me on the hard (green-set) courts. Next to us, there was a wheelchair tennis tournament ongoing which I stayed a bit to watch.

There are tournaments going throughout the entire year

After spending my Sunday morning with racket-sports, I went back to my car with a nice bag of memories from Vall dHebron.

I'll surely come back but next time with our little puppy!

Contact of Vall d'Hebron Tennis Club

If you want to book a court or just need more info, you can call the Club at +34 934 276 500.

Also, you can learn more details about Vall d'Hebron Tennis Club through their website and Facebook.

Have you been to Vall d'Hebron already? How was your experience?

Please share it in a comment!



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